Hillside Plastering Inc. Warranty

We warrant applications to be sound.

Applications/techniques are to code or above standard.

Products used are warranted by the manufacturer.

Hillside Plastering Inc. will warrant application for one year from date of acceptance and will not be responsible for product failure. We agree to repair or replace any work that may prove to be defective in its application or workmanship.

When no period is stated, the guarantee period shall be one year from installation.

We may recommend products but the choice of products is your decision.

Frequently used products list:

  • Eisenwall Cement
  • TXI Riverside Cement
  • Veloz Cement by Riverside
  • Merlex Stucco, Polly Prep, Base X
  • California One Coat
  • Strutco Lite
  • California White Coat
  • Western Wire Products
  • Structa Lath & Cemco Metal Lath
  • La Habra Stucco
  • Acrylic Finishes
  • Vero
  • Textstone