Waterproof Shower Plaster, Super Shower Finish

Super ShowerHey there, it’s Ray with Hillside Plastering Inc.

We are a Southern California plastering and stucco company. We do mostly residential with a bit of commercial work. This entails lath and plastering of all sorts. We have also taken big interest in doing shower finishes, mainly for its beauty.

I can say from personal experience after living 10 years with a super shower finish in my house, that it is not only beautiful but sustainable. I have done super shower finish in all of the bathrooms in my home and my daughters have put it to the test. I found sustainability with long-term beauty and durability and very low maintenance.

In my personal bathrooms I have a combination of tile and super shower waterproof plaster for aesthetic in my homes interior design. If shower valve wall is tiled, it allows the shower valve to be changed in the future if need be with replacing tile would be less invasive.

I am going to explain our application, we do not compromise on the process because these steps are critical for a long lasting finish.

Before we start we need the plumbing rough to be stubbed out 1 1/4 inches. The floor drains and hot mop, or waterproof membrane completed. My process has been tested. A lot of people try and substitute with a cheaper alternative process, I guess why go to the doctors for a severe laceration when you can do your own stitches if that’s the case stop reading, wing it yourself and good luck.

Lath1. We lath with double 60 Minutes paper and install 2.5 or 3.4 Diamond mesh wire. It’s important to use durable high strength products for rigidity value.

2. We then fasten the wire with exterior staples typically 1 1/4 inch then polyurethane every nail/staple penetration 6 feet down.

Use common sense approach and cover floor, not allowing any nails or sharp medals to Pierce waterproofing.

Scratch and Brown 3. Our scratch and brown process :
We scratch with rapid set purple or Eisenwall cement made by rapid set and brown coat with Eisenwall cement adding fiber in all cement applications. Throughout every phase we emphasize on reducing cracking which is common with cementitious products. Using stiffer wire, stronger cement and added fiber in our cement will insure the best outcome.

If possible allow to cure a minimum of one week although the product may read ready for finish sooner with Eisenwall cement, I believe a week isn’t much to ask.

Poly prep4. Poly prep and 4.5 oz. mesh installed over the brown coat, sandwiching the mash between two thin layers of poly prep not allowing first coat to firm, then hard float when firm leaving a flat and course wall. This application is for reducing cracking. Nothing will eliminate movement and cracking but the above steps will assure the best outcome.

Super shower finish comes in a variety of colors and custom colors can also be made. Straight out of the bag you have a white base or a gray base depending on the color you choose will determine which base to use.

5. Our application for the super shower finish is moisten walls slightly with water (we use a mister or a Hudson sprayer) if the wall is too dry it can create a mess of problems. When installing, each application should go on top of the previous coat of super shower finish while firm but moist.

First application of super shower is called “the scratch coat” typically going on no more than an eighth of an inch thick, second application called “the double” is in the same thickness and fashion leaving little to no lines.

And while this second coat firms up it’s time for its first troweling, laying down any additional lines that couldn’t be trialed out during double application.

This last step is optional but I have found this to be easier to perform a superior controlled finish, I then install one last tight coat called “the sweetener” always installed while the previous coat is moist, firm and slightly pliable.

Once installed you will start laying down all lines all imperfections filled, all angles and corners clean and straight. As it dries you will continue to trowel compressing as it hardens pausing allowing it to dry a bit between trowelings and finally more compressing with plastic trial to show less markings, compressing every inch of the finish is critical otherwise checking will show especially when walls are wet.

We understand problems that have occurred when others trying to perform this beautiful plaster finish isn’t successful. I’m sure we’re not the only company that can do this finish but I haven’t seen a super shower that looks as good as ours.

For a beautiful durable outcome with longevity

This is the processes and is on our Instagram page at Hillside Plastering. It’s important not to get started in the wrong direction or not wanting to correct it before you proceed. I have ripped out super showers that didn’t last and have heard about the nightmares of people asking for my help after it’s completed by Rookie plasterers that haven’t done any or many but eager to try because no one wants to turn down work. Don’t fall for it. I wish I had a dollar for everyone that said can you fix this ? boy he was such a nice guy. I may not be as nice as him but you won’t have to call anyone to fix ours. If for any reason you decide to change things up you can tile on top of the Super Shower Finish.

Here’s a few mouthwatering pics:

If interested in acquiring product, we do ship. We do all sorts of beautiful plastering and if you’re looking for a re-stucco, patchwork, interior work or new construction don’t hesitate to call us. Please check us out and follow us on Instagram.

Can’t wait to see the Quality.

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