Shower Plaster


THE SUPER SHOWER FINISH Super shower finish is a beautiful smooth water repellent cementitious plaster alternative to tile and stone. Although there are a few different ways to approach this process, the following application is proven to be durable, lasting, and low to no maintenance. This stunning finish will complement any bathroom, kitchen, and [...]

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Weep Screed


Weep Screed Replacement Or Installation If your weep screed (the metal keeping your stucco from touching the ground) is rusted out, it's best to replace it before water intrudes into your walls and house. We are weep screed experts, why your weep screed rusted out should be easy to determine. Homes built before the [...]

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Bathroom Talk


How cool would it be if you didn’t have to use tile in your shower? With the water resistant Super Shower Finish by Merlex Stucco, you can! Super Shower is a smooth, durable plaster finish that protects as it decorates. If you want a clean, no-tile look, a modern look, or a seamless transition from [...]

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